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Premarital and Pre-blend Planning

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Preparing yourselves and your children for the combining of households, the introduction of a stepparent, and the new world of "step dynamics" can save everyone a lot of stress and trauma in the long run. This is the best time to deal with any fears, anger, resistance, sadness, the "ex", visitation, finances, new rules, and issues that can become big problems later.


Relationship Enrichment and Problem-Solving

Many problems that arise in blended families can be handled by parents themselves or with a little professional guidance either before or after households are combined.  Sometimes, however, problems arise that are serious enough to require a professional's intensive support, and possibly the involvement of other family members including children. Sometimes referrals to special professional, medical, or even legal services may be recommended.

Parent and Stepparent Coaching

No matter how well you plan, you'll face challenges once families are combined in one household.  Johnny won't follow the new rules.  Sally will feel that liking her new stepdad feels disloyal to her father.  Tommy will start acting out in high school, and siblings will create extra drama.  I help parents deal with these common problems,  recommending proven best practices.

Step by Step

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