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1) A second marriage is more likely to succeed due to lessons learned in the first marriage.



2) Therapy for children should be utilized only when their behavior is unmanageable. Talking about divorce would only re-traumatize them.



3) Divorced parents, due to feelings of guilt and failure, have difficulty trusting or bonding with a new partner.



4) Stepfamilies are less common than biologically intact families.



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Here are the facts:


1) A second marriage is MORE likely to fail.


In the U.S., 66% of second marriages, where stepchildren are involved, end in divorce. Only 40% of first marriages end in divorce.


2) Stepfamilies have their own set of problems and need specialized help.


Many problems could be prevented by seeking help early in the relationship, both for children and adults who have experienced divorce, ideally before moving in with a new partner, and with a therapist who understands the dynamics specific to blending/stepfamilies. Stepfamilies face stresses that are not adequately recognized or addressed by conventional therapy. Methods appropriate to the nuclear family can actually be counterproductive when applied to stepfamilies.


3) Most divorced adults DO remarry; it’s the kids who suffer.


Approximately 80% of men and 75% of women who divorce will remarry. It is the children who are often the most impacted, and whose adult relationships will also suffer as a result of their parents’ unresolved hostilities. Almost half of children who experience divorce before age 18 will face some kind of depression.


4) In the U.S., there are actually MORE stepfamilies than any other kind of family! Nearly 50% of all women will at some time live in stepfamily situations.



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