You're committed to creating a happy home where you, your partner and kids feel loved and fulfilled.

You know there are going to be bumps in the road, including the challenge of meeting everyone's needs for attention.  I understand how you feel because I've been there.


In 2009, I became a full time step parent to two amazing kids. The kids felt torn between their loyalty to their mom while building a connection with me.


I didn’t want to become one of the two-thirds of blended families that don’t make it.


Thankfully we made it through, but I wish I had the support and guidance I needed to navigate through all the landmines more smoothly.

Even with my 20 years experience working with families, I struggled. So I know how challenging it can be for families that don’t have my background. And I’m passionate about helping them.


I started out as an educator in conflict resolution. I then became a social worker helping traumatized children and families in the foster care system, and started and ran a nonprofit for at-risk youth.


As a therapist, I’ve worked with couples and children, with a specialization in blended families. In my work, I’ve incorporated a blend of spiritual and therapeutic tools, based on mindfulness, meditation and neuroscience.


My passion is helping blended families succeed so everyone can get the love they need and deserve.


And I’ve discovered that the best way to do that is through coaching. As a coach, I guide my clients through a step-by-step system to help them navigate the Blended Family Landmines, and create a happy, loving family.


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"My husband and I can’t thank you enough for being there for all of us. We have incorporated some of the things we learned from you into our everyday lives. It was already a tough transition for all of us, especially for our son. We were really worried he would completely spiral out of control."

Lana, Parent of Teenager


"Edina is extremely gifted in working with children and adolescents. Simply put, she was the most effective social worker that I worked with during my years as a clinician… Edina’s greatest strength may be her ability to develop rapport with almost any child, in a short amount of time."

Brian, Therapist

"Edina is skillful and professional, and yet always warm, accepting of divergent views. She has a lovely way of creating a safe environment for others. As a mediator, I have seen her handle personal attack with grace, and with great compassion for the other person’s anguish."

Melissa, Montessori Principal