It's exciting to find love again after a painful or difficult breakup that was not only hard on you, but on the kids.

A new partnership can strain your relationship with your children, and vice versa.  Especially when it comes to teenagers, who are dealing with their own struggles.


You’re committed to making things work in your new relationship, so everyone is happy. You, your new partner and the kids.


But you know that there are challenges ahead. There are seven challenges that affect most blended families. If you don’t address those landmines, they are very likely to end your relationship within 2 years.


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The good news is that you can learn how to navigate those landmines, or avoid them altogether.


I help divorced parents who are concerned that their new relationship won’t be good for their kids, avoid the blended family landmines so they can have a happy family the second time around.


Through my 20 years experience working with families, I’ve created a system to help you identify the landmines you can’t see on your own. And I’ll give you the tools you need to navigate those landmines, so you can create the loving family you’ve always wanted.


If you’d like to speak with me privately about your family and explore how I can best support you, click the button below to schedule a complimentary Blended Family Discovery Session.


"My husband and I can’t thank you enough for being there for all of us. We have incorporated some of the things we learned from you into our everyday lives. It was already a tough transition for all of us, especially for our son. We were really worried he would completely spiral out of control."

Lana, Parent of Teenager


"Edina is extremely gifted in working with children and adolescents. Simply put, she was the most effective social worker that I worked with during my years as a clinician… Edina’s greatest strength may be her ability to develop rapport with almost any child, in a short amount of time."

Brian, Therapist

"Edina is skillful and professional, and yet always warm, accepting of divergent views. She has a lovely way of creating a safe environment for others. As a mediator, I have seen her handle personal attack with grace, and with great compassion for the other person’s anguish."

Melissa, Montessori Principal