"My husband and I can’t thank you enough for being there for all of us. We have incorporated some of the things we learned from you into our everyday lives. It was already a tough transition for all of us, especially for our son. We were really worried he would completely spiral out of control."

Lana, Parent of Teenager

"Edina is extremely gifted in working with children and adolescents. Simply put, she was the most effective social worker that I worked with during my years as a clinician… Edina’s greatest strength may be her ability to develop rapport with almost any child, in a short amount of time."

Brian, Therapist

"Edina is skillful and professional, and yet always warm, accepting of divergent views. She has a lovely way of creating a safe environment for others. As a mediator, I have seen her handle personal attack with grace, and with great compassion for the other person’s anguish."

Melissa, Montessori Principal

 Helping Couples and Families 

Create More Loving Homes

  • Are you struggling to feel heard or respected as a partner or parent?

  • Has the love and passion in your relationship been replaced by power struggles, conflict, or disengagement?

  • Do you long for the days before kids were in the picture, and find yourself dreading conversations about the "ex," or disciplining the kids?                      I can help you restore love, respect, and understanding with your kids – AND your partner.



Take Steps

Many couples wait until problems become hard to manage themselves.  Preventive measures can save your relationship from future problems.


     At Step by Step Family Coaching, I implement effective, research-based methods to instill understanding and compassion among family members and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards each other. This is not to suggest I have a quick fix: change is a healing process that requires time and participation from both parents and children.  But in the end, making small yet incremental changes in self-defeating behaviors and in feelings of anger, sadness, fear, or pain, can bring life-altering results -- and I can help you achieve just that. My services are personalized, and I go the extra mile to provide you with all the tools you need to restore peace, respect and happiness.


Step by Step

Family Coaching


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Based in California, USA (GMT -7) I work with couples and families in person or by HIPAA compliant video conferencing  

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